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"The Blue Folio" Addresses Democracy

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In "The Blue Folio", a second Constitutional Convention marks the growing movement of people who seeks freedom of speech towards government policy.

In the near-future political thriller, "The Blue Folio" by attorney-novelist Matt McMahon, the second constitutional convention takes place in 2037 – on the 250th anniversary of the original constitutional convention – demanded by frustrated citizens aware that they have no say in government policy, a fact recently proved by Princeton researcher Martin Gilens and Northwestern researcher Benjamin I. Page.

In a growing trend, more and more Americans are taking action to voice their frustration at the grip money interests hold over the business of Congress. Yesterday hundreds of average citizens in New Hampshire wrapped up a 250 mile march against money politics. At least 50 other events are planned around the country to highlight the danger of money politics.

Some of the brightest minds in America have been calling for a Second Constitutional Convention to change this, and they're gaining followers. In addition to, there is,, Citizens for Self Governance and, to name a few. They recognize that money politics will never change from the inside. It can only change through a constitutional convention demanded by the people.

"Last year alone, 12 such petitions were filed in Congress by 9 state legislatures," Matt McMahon points out. "It only takes petitions from 34 state legislatures to require a constitutional convention," But is this likely to happen?

"The main obstacle is the learning curve necessary for the mass of people to get behind it," says Matt McMahon. "The Constitution is the most sacred document in the United States and most people think it's as easy to understand as proving Hawkins M-theory."

The 22 years until the anniversary of the first convention would provide enough time for open discussions so that all of us can understand the issues and have a meaningful say in who will control our government, argues McMahon. "I would support any call for a convention right now, but planning for one in 2037 would give it the best chance of success."

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