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Author Advises Baby Boomers on Retirement Strategy

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Retirement is not easy for many Americans but utilizing a reverse mortgage can make retirement possible for some.

According to Author Robert Kennedy in his just released book "What Every Senior Ought to Know about Retiring – How to Retire Safe and Secure On An Underfunded Nest Egg," unprecedented numbers of the Baby Boom Generation are taking huge, avoidable risks that can leave them homeless in retirement.

Like bugs that didn't see the windshield coming, millions of poker-faced Boomers are embarking on shopping sprees to buy their final homes. In the November 2014 Report, The Demand Institute estimated that Boomers will spend $1.9 Trillion Dollars between 2015 and 2020 – about 25% of all projected home sales in America in each of those years. Yet, most Boomers are at risk to run out of money before they die and many of them hope that their plan to "work 'til they drop" will allow this final indulgence… but then it begins. BAM! - Out of nowhere an unplanned circumstance can instantly transform them into a dire statistic.

AARP reports that 40% of Boomers admit they plan to "work 'til they drop" which Kennedy says more resembles a reluctant fallback position to pay bills than a thought-out financial strategy. "Seriously: if you didn't have to work 'til you drop, would you? But if you chose to, what happens if you have an accident, a medical emergency or even an unjust lay-off and your pay checks cease?" This is how one solitary event can start a sequence that ends in a spiraling nose dive into disaster… that could've been avoided.

In his book, Kennedy advocates using a formidable defensive retirement strategy to live secure in your home until the end. He promotes counter-intuitive manipulation of the FHA HECM Reverse Mortgage Product for the sole purpose of beating the lop-sided odds to secure elusive safety in retirement. He describes the HECM as the most flexible financial product on the planet and says the common curse shared by most Boomers is a shortage of "nest egg" savings. There is no doubt that as the Boomers become familiar with the HECM and select it as their defensive strategy it will become the "GAME CHANGER" allowing many who believe they can't retire, to do so. He insists that retirement needs to be filled with choices rather than insurmountable problems, and he reveals a path for unprepared Boomers to take advantage of the protections offered by the HECM so they can enjoy their golden years.

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