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Celebrated Authors Set For Hong Kong Book Fair

Thursday, July 02, 2015

The 26th edition of the HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair on 15-21 July features a star-studded slate of English language authors.

The 26th edition of the HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair on 15-21 July features a star-studded slate of English language authors at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). From fiction and history to biography and philosophy, this event promises to be a real page turner.Winner of the Booker Prize for Fiction, Ben Okri is among the headlining authors at the Book Fair. The Nigerian-born poet and novelist who lives in the United Kingdom, was awarded for his 1991 novel The Famished Road. Mr Okri is appearing at the Book Fair through collaboration between the British Council and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC).The HKTDC has also teamed up with renowned entrepreneur and arts enthusiast Sir David Tang to stage the Open Public Forum featuring Swiss writer Alain de Botton, British historian and novelist Simon Sebag Montefiore and biographer Carol Thatcher, the daughter of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Wise Words

Mr de Botton is a television presenter, philosopher and author of 14 bestselling books including Essays in Love, which was adapted into the film My Last Five Girlfriends. He is known for his philosophical take on everyday situations, and is dedicated to presenting complex issues in a way that appeals to a wide cross-section of readers. He is co-founder of The School of Life, an institution with 10 branches around the world, which promotes emotional intelligence to businesses and individuals. (Watch our interview here)

Mr Montefiore is known for his historical masterpieces including Young Stalin and Jerusalem. The award-winning author enjoys widespread popularity through his fascinating portrayal of famous and infamous personalities including Joseph Stalin and Catherine the Great. (Watch our interview here)

Fascinating characters are also the focus of journalist and biographer Ms Thatcher, whose subject for her breakthrough book, Below The Parapet: Biography of Denis Thatcher, was her father. Her other biographical subjects include her mother, Margaret Thatcher and the tennis player Chris Evert. Ms Thatcher also worked as a journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and BBC. In 2005, she won the popular reality TV show I’m A Celebrity … Get Me out of Here! (Watch our interview here)

World Stage

This year’s Book Fair will be held under the theme of “Reading the World ・ Love at First Book”. More than 300 events will be organised during the Book Fair with a wide range of authors taking part. As well as Mr Okri, the British Council and HKTDC are arranging a Book Fair appearance by Keith Gray. Meanwhile, the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau and the HKTDC are arranging for Christian Heinrich, Timothée de Fombelle and Christophe Ono‐dit‐Biot to share insights with readers at the fair. Local authors Maria Chaudhuri, Jason Ng and Mark O’Neill will also speak at fair seminars.

The week-long Book Fair is expecting more than 580 exhibitors from over 30 countries and regions. The Book Fair’s English Avenue will feature more than 30 exhibitors including Commercial Press, Metrobooks, Swindon and PageOne, bringing a range of English titles to the event.

The city-wide Cultural July festival will also take place alongside the Book Fair. The month-long festival includes around 250 events, ranging from seminars and author sessions to cultural tours and other activities at book stores, shopping malls, educational institutions, coffee shops and various venues throughout Hong Kong.

HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair website:

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Celebrated Authors Set For Hong Kong Book Fair - July 2, 2015

The 26th edition of the HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair on 15-21 July features a star-studded slate of English language authors.

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